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Cape Town Balustrade & Staircase Design

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Our Expertise, Your Vision: Comprehensive Services

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Unveil the possibilities of steel craftsmanship with Schmidt Custom Steel. Our wide array of services caters to your unique needs, creating a seamless blend of creativity, precision, and innovation. From balustrades that redefine safety and elegance to custom steel structures that push the boundaries of design, our expertise knows no bounds. Discover how our services can transform your spaces and bring your visions to life.

Balustrade & Railings

Enhance aesthetics and security with our exquisite balustrades, meticulously designed to reflect your style while ensuring safety remains paramount. We offer a variety of options: Stainless steel, glass and mild steel railings.

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From grand staircases to functional marvels, our staircase designs harmonize beauty and function, creating transitions that inspire.

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Custom Gates

Welcome elegance and security with our steel gates, whether they grace your driveway or provide access to pedestrian pathways.

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Steel Structures

Witness the union of innovation and engineering as we create custom steel structures that redefine possibilities in design and functionality.

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Transform outdoor spaces into havens of relaxation with our custom-designed steel pergolas and awnings, where form and function intertwine.

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Western Cape's Finest
Operating in the picturesque Western Cape, we're proud to be a part of the vibrant architectural landscape of the region. Our creations grace homes, businesses, and public spaces, elevating aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. With each project, we contribute to the beauty that the Western Cape is known for, leaving a mark of sophistication that resonates for years to come.

Transforming Spaces Through Exquisite Craftsmanship

Precision Steel Innovations

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Attention to Detail

Exemplifying meticulous craftsmanship, every project resonates with our unwavering dedication to intricate precision and design perfection

Quality Assurance

Our unwavering commitment to superior quality ensures each creation is a testament to excellence and lasting durability.

Structural Engineering

Empowering designs with expert structural engineering, we forge creations that stand strong, safe, and architecturally remarkable.

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Our Process

Our Seamless 3-Step Process for Custom Steel and Balustrade Projects:

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    Discovery and Design

    Our process begins with a conversation. We take the time to understand your ideas, aspirations, and requirements. Whether it's a custom steel structure or an intricate balustrade, we listen to your vision, ensuring that every detail is captured. Our design experts then translate your concepts into visual renderings, allowing you to envision the final product before it's even crafted.

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    Craftsmanship and Creation

    Once the design is approved, our team of skilled artisans and craftsmen swing into action. With decades of expertise, they meticulously bring your vision to life, shaping steel into works of art. Whether it's the intricate curves of a balustrade or the structural precision of a custom steel structure, our hands-on approach ensures that every piece is crafted with unmatched skill and attention to detail.

  3. mild steel and cable camps bay

    Installation and Unveiling

    The moment of transformation arrives as our creations find their place in your space. Our installation team ensures that every piece is seamlessly integrated, not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. The final unveiling is a moment of pride, where your vision becomes a reality – a reality that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

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