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Welcome to Schmidt Custom Steel, a journey that began in 1995 with a passion for stainless steel and metal fabrication. With a legacy spanning over decades, we've evolved into a beacon of excellence in the industry, leaving an indelible mark on countless successful projects. Our growth has been fueled by an unwavering commitment, an unyielding sense of pride, and an unshakeable dedication to the quality of work we produce.

Our Story of Commitment and Growth

From our humble beginnings to our current position of strength, every step of our journey has been guided by our deep-rooted values. We started with a vision to redefine stainless steel and metal fabrication, and over the years, that vision has become our reality. Our passion for craftsmanship and our desire to excel have propelled us forward, turning challenges into opportunities and aspirations into achievements.

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Quality as Our Cornerstone

At Schmidt Custom Steel, we believe that quality isn’t just a characteristic; it’s our promise. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and our commitment to uncompromising quality is the cornerstone of our identity. From the selection of materials to the final finishing touches, every aspect of our work reflects our dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence.

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Detail as Our Signature

In a world where details define distinction, we stand out with our meticulous attention to detail. It’s not just a part of our work ethics – it’s woven into the fabric of every project we undertake. Our craftsmen bring artistry to every stroke of the hammer and every weld, ensuring that every piece we create is a testament to precision and perfection.

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What Sets Us Apart

Behind the scenes, our team of structural engineers brings innovation to the forefront. Blending art with science, we push the boundaries of what's possible in steel design. Whether it's crafting intricate staircases that seamlessly integrate with your space or engineering robust custom structures that redefine possibilities, our team marries creativity with structural integrity, ensuring safety and longevity in every project.

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  • Legacy of Expertise

    We marry time-honored craftsmanship with innovative techniques, resulting in creations that stand as functional works of art.

  • Commitment to Growth

    Our journey from strength to strength showcases our commitment to growth, improvement, and innovation.

  • Passion-Driven

    Our passion fuels our dedication, infusing every creation with a touch of artistry and a lot of heart.

  • Craftsmanship and Innovation

    We marry time-honored craftsmanship with innovative techniques, resulting in creations that stand as functional works of art.

As we look ahead, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We invite you to be a part of our journey – a journey that celebrates craftsmanship, embraces quality, and believes that every detail matters. At Schmidt Custom Steel, we don't just create steel products; we craft experiences, redefine spaces, and leave an imprint of brilliance in every project. Explore our world of steel transformation and experience the extraordinary, one creation at a time.

Our Process

Our Seamless 3-Step Process for Custom Steel and Balustrade Projects:

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    Discovery and Design

    Our process begins with a conversation. We take the time to understand your ideas, aspirations, and requirements. Whether it's a custom steel structure or an intricate balustrade, we listen to your vision, ensuring that every detail is captured. Our design experts then translate your concepts into visual renderings, allowing you to envision the final product before it's even crafted.

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    Craftsmanship and Creation

    Once the design is approved, our team of skilled artisans and craftsmen swing into action. With decades of expertise, they meticulously bring your vision to life, shaping steel into works of art. Whether it's the intricate curves of a balustrade or the structural precision of a custom steel structure, our hands-on approach ensures that every piece is crafted with unmatched skill and attention to detail.

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    Installation and Unveiling

    The moment of transformation arrives as our creations find their place in your space. Our installation team ensures that every piece is seamlessly integrated, not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. The final unveiling is a moment of pride, where your vision becomes a reality – a reality that stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Architectural Design Drawings and Plans

Seeing the Future

Our architectural design drawings and plans offer you the opportunity to glimpse into the future. They unveil the potential of your space, showcasing how it will evolve with our transformative designs. From the initial concept to the final plan, our drawings provide a clear vision of what's to come.

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Crafting the Blueprint of Excellence

Our team of skilled architects and designers collaborates closely with you to understand your aspirations and requirements. From there, we embark on the journey of turning your vision into a reality.

Precision and Measurement

Our architectural design drawings include detailed measurements that leave no room for error. Every dimension is meticulously documented, guaranteeing that your project aligns with your vision and seamlessly integrates into your space.

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Western Cape's Finest
Operating in the picturesque Western Cape, we're proud to be a part of the vibrant architectural landscape of the region. Our creations grace homes, businesses, and public spaces, elevating aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. With each project, we contribute to the beauty that the Western Cape is known for, leaving a mark of sophistication that resonates for years to come.
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