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Custom Steel Structures


Trust in our expertise to bring your boldest ideas to life with our custom steel structures. From visionary concepts to tangible realities, we specialize in turning dreams into certified engineering marvels. Our team of structural engineers ensures that each project is not only a masterpiece of creativity but also a testament to safety and reliability. With certified engineering certificates, you can have confidence that your custom steel structure is built to withstand the test of time.

Innovative Designs, Limitless Possibilities

Our team of skilled designers and engineers thrives on innovation. We bring concepts to life that challenge traditional norms, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Whether it’s a cutting-edge canopy or an awe-inspiring entrance, our custom steel structures become iconic features that reshape environments.

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Commercial and Residential Transformation

Custom steel structures have a place in both commercial and residential settings. From grand commercial atriums to private garden pergolas, our creations span a wide spectrum of applications. We tailor each design to harmonize with the existing environment, enhancing aesthetics and functionality in equal measure.

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At Schmidt Custom Steel, we're not just builders; we're architects of transformation. Our custom steel structures bring dreams to life, enriching spaces with sophistication, functionality, and innovation. Each creation tells a story of collaboration, expertise, and the pursuit of architectural excellence. Experience the power of custom steel structures that reshape your environment, redefine possibilities, and inspire awe.

Architectural Design Drawings and Plans

Seeing the Future

Our architectural design drawings and plans offer you the opportunity to glimpse into the future. They unveil the potential of your space, showcasing how it will evolve with our transformative designs. From the initial concept to the final plan, our drawings provide a clear vision of what's to come.

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Crafting the Blueprint of Excellence

Our team of skilled architects and designers collaborates closely with you to understand your aspirations and requirements. From there, we embark on the journey of turning your vision into a reality.

Precision and Measurement

Our architectural design drawings include detailed measurements that leave no room for error. Every dimension is meticulously documented, guaranteeing that your project aligns with your vision and seamlessly integrates into your space.

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